Real Knitting d.o.o. the story of a successful Italian know how company driven by a true entrepreneurial spirit.

Real Knitting d.o.o. is an industrial group with a well established leadership in the international markets with a long time experience dedicated to the support of the customers. The expertise of Real Knitting is based on a deep competence to learn and to understand the needs and the tastes of the diverse markets which change and evolve continuously.

The Real Knitting purpose is to anticipate the technology and the development is business direction through high competence and strongly prepared R&D department.

The company offers different kind of products both in the Woman, Man and Children segments which merge together in a unique concept of unlimited solutions based on each kind of customer’s request.

Creativity, originality and distinctive quality are elements which identify and express the assortment of Real Knitting d.o.o. through a wide offer of products – from the classic to the latest trends, until the most avant-garde solutions which promptly respond to the constant evolutions of the nowadays market needs.

A global project which, thanks to its great flexibility, finds space in the different environments, and which complementary and simultaneously invest creative and manufacturing resources also to the supplies of the main international projects.


To offer all kind of tights and socks, to respond to the contemporary needs and lifestyle changes thanks to a wide offer of products with pure Italian DNA and high contents of quality, technology and professional know-how.